6 Summer Secrets to Stay Soft in the City

For those of us, back from a gorgeous summer holiday and not quite ready to switch gears, the tips below help you to bring home with you the easy spirit of the season for a seamless transition back into city life. Grace Hazel Brown, a qualified Yoga Teacher, Masseuse & Reiki Practitioner shares her passionate advice for combining mindfulness, self love and nature in order to create the perfect summer space for healing and bliss in London Town. 1. GRATITUDE The sun rises early in Summer so we can tune into that by rising softly with the sunlight rather than being shocked out of dreams by an alarm. Upon waking, avoid looking at your phone and instead stay in bed with your eyes closed....

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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Collection  We are pleased to announce the launch of our third collection –Natural Beauty – a range inspired by the ‘serenity and peacefulness’ found on Elizabeth’s travels.   Featuring our iconic pouches and well-loved textiles, as well as brand new beach bags, this collection pays homage to the exotic jungles of Bali and the romantic coastline of the Cote D’Azur.    Our first new design celebrates the playful Balinese jungle leaf. This hand-drawn motif is brought to life on pouches, candles, luxury duvet sets and quilts.   The rustic boathouses of the South of France, shrouded in “Bambou”, “Lavandou” and “Jasmine”, are the inspiration behind three other new motifs. These soft and elegant hand-drawn botanicals feature in chambrays, whites, and rose tones and are detailed with gold...

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